Eric Liddell, head thrown back in his distinctive racing posture, in the 400-meter finals at the 1924 Olympics in Paris.

Since the 80s Dahoum develops and implements a model of scouting the top 1% of the talent from early age.

This page reflects the chronology of updates related to specific talent. The date of discovery can be found in the talent description. All talent on this page has been uninterruptedly w/ a Dahoum Associated Nursery since the date of discovery and is available through the Associated Nursery as well as (case by case) for direct hire. For inquiries see the Contact page.

23 November

TA w/ Selenium w/ Headless Browsers et al / a PhD level expert including www.browserstack.com and similar experience

14 November

Azure Cognitive Services i. e. in-depth hands on expertise in Azure Cognitive Services Bot Framework up to 4.1 / full time uninterrupted since early-2018

5 November

QA based on the involvement of people w/ autism, https://auticon.de et al

13 October

10+ years blockchain expert

12 October

Hands on experts in AI based Chat Bots

1 October

Passionate Assembly enthusiast

26 September

Senior QA especially Requirements Management and Engineering, Manual QA, QA Automation and Mobile QA

14 September

Self-Driving Vehicles especially Cooperative Cruise Control

5 September

SAP especially SAP Cloud Platform / Cloud Foundry and HANA

iOS12 especially ARKit, TrueDepth and CoreML

ML especially TensorFlow

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