Studying in Germany / Accommodation

August 6, 2017

Talent Scouting among high school students inevitably leads to questions related to the choice of university.

And when the university is in Germany and the student comes from outside Germany, the question of accommodation pops up.

Here are a few tips of my own —

While it is possible (though rather more expensive) to rent a whole apartment for yourself or a room in a student accommodation, I always recommend what in Germany is called a WG (Wohngemeinschaft). A WG is a group of people renting a large apartment or house, where everyone has an own room. A WG usually is more than just “sharing the cost” and some WGs explicitly do not want people who are merely looking for cheaper accommodation, but want those who join to become part of the gang and part of the fun.

While it might be tempting to choose a WG w/ your fellow nationals/language speakers or with non-Germans (so that you can speak English) — I strongly recommend choosing a predominantly German WG. When you spend your time and money studying, better learn a language and a culture.

If you anyway do not know the city and have difficulty to choose, then choose for price or for convenience. It is not a major sin to move at the end of a semester when you know the city and the people better.

There are excellent web sites for finding a WG. Just type in Google “wg” followed by the name of the city and explore the WG portals in the search result.

When writing to the WGs remember, that many WGs want members who are fun, so do not make yourself look too holy, but say something about yourself like your interests, etc.


This page will be updated over time, if urgent questions, drop us a line.

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