The Shortest Project Management Advice

October 21, 2017

Every project has stress. Pull the stress in the beginning. Then you’ll have a relaxed project end.


The simplest way is to think of ways to deliver the project within 75%, 50% or 25% of the given time. Even if this sounds unrealistic or even mad. Do it. At least as a thought experiment (Wikipedia, Stanford University). Do it as if your life depends on it. This is also a good measure to counteract both the Parkinson’s law and the Hofstadter’s law.

A bit more elaborate way is to split the project into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and options. You can apply this method in different combinations with the previous method. For example you might leave the time to 100%, but try to shrink the time for the MVP to 75%, 50% or 25% of the planned.

Thought experiments are a great way to improve projects and project management. Can we deliver it in less time? Do we really need all this? What can we leave out and still meet the goal?

The Pareto principle is also your friend — 20% of the features deliver 80% of the functionality. Or 80% of the bugs are in 20% of the product. Or in 20% of the time you can deliver 80% of the features. You can turn it around and look at the project from different perspectives. As thought experiments, at least. Experience shows that turning things around and looking at them from different angles leads to refinements — you will improve the scope, the estimation, the quality and the deadline.


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