December 22, 2017

When I was younger I used to learn from the rants of people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Probably because I was a rebel.

And as I am still a rebel and I am getting close to my 50s, I feel obliged to begin ranting, for the sake of the younger generation.

Innovation and disruption and very fashionable words. The thing is, if you boil a true innovator or disruptor until all good manners and political correctness have evaporated, what is left is a rebel.


In order to blend into the egocentric, narcissistic atmosphere of LinkedIn, here’s my best story from 2017.

A German customer, CEO of a major German company in it’s field (what else), told me today (22nd of December) —

“When you explain something [in German], I understand. When my German consultants explain the same thing, I need a lexicon.”

I haven’t received a better professional compliment in my life. †


Here’s a brief checklist for those, who have their 2018 goals already set.

Do your goals include increased support for women in the workplace?

Do your goals include increased support for the countries around Europe, so that they become a better place for their population to live in, where their population can live happy and fulfilling lives, instead of drowning on their way to a supposedly better life in Europe?

If you are missing one of these or both, you are missing two of the top issues of modern time.

But don’t worry, you can keep living happily in your egocentric, narcissistic LinkedIn bubble.

Tony Benn

Quotes are important, because they are the essence of people’s lives. A quote, which has been taking me through my life lately is of the late Tony Benn —

“Every generation must fight the same battles again and again. There’s no final victory and there’s no final defeat.”

It’s a part of a great speech, which you may find online.

Oleg Vishnepolsky

I have had the urge to write this for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure as to when and where.

So I’ll hide it at the end of this article.

To the multitudes, who flock to like the apparent wisdom of Oleg Vishnepolsky, I would like to say this —

— he is the CTO of Mail Online.

To those, who do not understand what I am talking about, you may pass.


† I have learned so much from Germany and the Germans and I hold both in such a high regard, that I must say it loud and clear: Germany and Germans, take no offence. Even though I’m sure they would’t have even noticed the irony.

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