How to cook a crew?

June 8, 2018

Great Expectations

How do you cook a crew?

A dish, especially a dish, prepared to surprise and impress, is cooked following a recipe, containing special ingredients, combined in special steps, performed w/ an  extraordinary skill!

There is a lot written and said about recruiting, which is the ingredients gathering. But little for after that. The most one sees are proud office managers preparing a clean desk, a PC and some cheap, but shiny office stuff for the new crew member.

Which isn’t a universal formula for success. To some of my most successful crew members I haven’t even given a contract for the first 18 months.


From the Half-Blood Prince we know, that cutting or squashing the bean can make the whole difference.

How do you cook a crew?

Which crew member do you simmer, until soft? Which do you add for fragrance? Which for taste? Which for substance?

And in what order?

Which crew members are the starter? Which the main dish? Which the desert?

What do you take for table cover? Flowers? How do you serve?

Most people and organisations stumble, semi-intiuitively, across the vast field, which the above questions represent.

Most crews and crew building processes (I’m not using the word “team”, because I do not like the typography of the letter “t”) look like an Irish Stew, at most. Delicious and fulfilling, but a poor choice, if one strives for more than a mere subsistance.


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