Executive Leadership

December 18, 2018

True to my conviction that one should not learn business from business people, here’s a book on management written by a psychoanalyst.

As you can see, my copy is more battered than a Bible — and I have read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in three languages — and the reason for this is that Executive Leadership, besides being a very good book, is a very good handbook.

Written nearly 30 years ago, it still feels current, in the age of mobile computing, social media, machine learning, bots and AI. And I believe it will remain current for the years to come, because — as we see in the science fiction films — technology might change, but human nature does not, really (not to say that in some aspects we are going backwards).

I would recommend this book to all leaders, who are beyond jack, Losing my Virginity, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, Shoe Dog and the constellation of other biographies, who are telling you about the chaotic life of a successful person. When you get bored w/ all that and need a read, which is cutting through the organisation on a psychoanalytical level, and is, at the same time, written in a simple way, easy to read and understand, Executive Leadership is for you 🙂

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