Internship in Rotterdam / Market Analysis and Marketing Plan

June 15, 2019

(c) 2019 T. E. Shaw / Rotterdam between Hotel New York and the Erasmus Bridge.

The workplace is in one of the coolest areas of Rotterdam, just next to Hotel New York, a couple of minutes by bike from the Erasmus bridge (c) 2019 T. E. Shaw

Company Description

Dun & Bradstreet is a business services company which offers information and insights about business data. Currently, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) holds business information about more than 300 million companies worldwide. Around 90% of the Fortune 500 companies actively use D&B data for their critical business processes. The core business of Dun & Bradstreet is Credit Risk analysis, but Dun & Bradstreet also offer vendor due diligence solutions, compliance due diligence solutions, sales & marketing solutions and supply chain management solutions, which help a company to better understand their business and business environment by utilizing data analysis.

For the intended project D&B works together with two partners: Capital Tool Company and AuxCode.

Project Description

The project is mainly to support the launch of a new SME Finance marketplace by the partners mentioned above. The SME finance platform will give SME’s a free-of-charge overview of all finance options available and allow them to apply for these loans with different kind of financiers. The goal of the project for the intern is two-fold:

1. The main goal is to collect information about all SME finance options with The Netherlands. Concrete the work will be to analyze current SME finance offerings by different kind of financiers like banks, leasing, crowd funding and other alternative financiers. For each SME finance offering you need to collect similar data and enter this is our structured database. The type of data collected will include for example: financier, type of loan, interest rate, duration of loan, securities, other conditions. At the start the list of fields to be collected will be setup together with the mentor.

2. The other goal is to develop a high-level market plan and/or marketing plan. To promote the future SME finance platform we will rely on other stakeholders to promote the platform free-of-charge. Potential stakeholders include the Netherlands government (ministry of Economics, KvK), MKB Nederland, brokers (“MKB financiele adviseurs”) and the financiers like banks. The intern will be asked to help interview stakeholders on their willingness to participate. The promotion of the platform is the basis for the marketing plan to get awareness from SME companies. Potentially we will test with other marketing campaigns (e.g. google-adwords) to drive traffic to the SME platform

Office Location and Mentorship

The D&B company is located in Rotterdam (Otto Reuchlinweg 1032). Due to its business nature, the client-facing team is not located in the office on a daily basis, so that interns are not required to come on a daily basis. It is expected that the intern is able to work independently, communicate effectively via telephone and email, and manage own time. It is foreseen that at least once per week (mostly on the Wednesdays) the intern will come to the office and meet the supervisors.

As the project is done in collaboration with partners it’s also possible to work within the Amsterdam office of our partner CTC (Capital Tool Company) after pre-alignment with the partner.

All communication will be done in Dutch and/or English. At the end of the internship, the intern will deliver a document presenting the results of the project.

Other Conditions

  • D&B offers an internship for a period of three month.

  • Start date: as soon as possible

  • D&B offers 400 euro per month financial compensation

  • Office workplace, laptop, email are available for the intern at D&B office.

  • D&B will provide a mentor with experience in coaching interns.

Contact Details

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