Wear those headphones!

August 5, 2019

“People who know our music, they know who you are. They’ve been in the dark room, they know you better than your best friend, because you don’t sing like that to your best friend, you don’t sing in their ear.”

Bono on Bono

If you learn business from business, you will not get far. You need to learn business from art. It does not matter if you never liked Bono, or if you stopped liking him just recently. Learn.

The Hell

People sit around laptops and do not think.

The Secret of Remote Work

There isn’t a more intimate way of talking to someone, than talking in their ear.

Do it.

Wear those headphones.

High quality headphones.

Force everyone to wear headphones.

Sit in separate rooms.

You will be closer to each other than sitting together.

One Room

Everyone, who isn’t speaking to go on mute.

(Which should be the rule anyway.)

Nevertheless, you will hear the voice live and delayed.

Sit in separate rooms.

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