October 26, 2019

This will be a continuously updated article, last updated on 2019-10-27.

I am stunned every time Agile is debated. The Agile Manifesto was in 2001. The talent I scout hasn’t been born in 2001. Those who went to university in 2001 are now in their 40s. Ward Cunningham was 52 in 2001.

I went to university about a year or two after gymnasium. The other students were fresh from school and during the first math lecture I got really depressed, as they knew everything by heart and were so fast. My depression, even though deep and strong, did not last long. Because I realised–they are fast, but I can deduct it. The things they knew by heart I could deduct, following the formal logic. I knew I am better, if not faster.

Same w/ Agile.

There are people who are certified and can quote books and rules.

But as Steve Jobs is quoted saying–everything thought up by people can be improved.

So can Agile.

When I am asked or have to implement a software development process, I do it as people are advised to write their CVs—never re-use/improve an existing CV. Write it from scratch.

Re-using brings wisdom in, but it also brings in the mothballs.

I have done Agile Scrum w/ uneven Sprints, based on what scope is needed when.

I have done Agile Scrum w/ parallel crews running uneven Sprints, based on what scopes are needed when.

I have began w/o scope, but w/ a killer deadline.

Advocating Orthodox Agile is a signs, that one has never actually read and understood the Agile Manifesto.

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