In this blog there are some thoughts, which might appear to be complete. Some are in progress and might be finished. Some are research notes and keep getting update. And some might remain incomplete forever.


This will be a continuously updated article, last updated on 2019-10-27. I am stunned every time Agile is debated. The Agile Manifesto was in 2001. The talent I scout hasn’t been born in 2001. Those who went to university in 2001 are now in their 40s. Ward Cunningham was 52 in 2001. I went to […]

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Wear those headphones!

“People who know our music, they know who you are. They’ve been in the dark room, they know you better than your best friend, because you don’t sing like that to your best friend, you don’t sing in their ear.” Bono on Bono If you learn business from business, you will not get far. You […]

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Fundamental audio/videos on Justice. Justice w/ Michael Sandel Baby Judge School Importance of emotions in judgement. Babey Judge School / Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

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(c) 2019 T. E. Shaw / Rotterdam between Hotel New York and the Erasmus Bridge.

Internship in Rotterdam / Market Analysis and Marketing Plan

The workplace is in one of the coolest areas of Rotterdam, just next to Hotel New York, a couple of minutes by bike from the Erasmus bridge (c) 2019 T. E. Shaw Company Description Dun & Bradstreet is a business services company which offers information and insights about business data. Currently, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) […]

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How to (Re-)Start a Scrum

(Re-)starting a Scrum does not attract as much attention as running a Scrum, but can be tricky, especially on the level of end-to-end organisation of the business. In the last months I helped (re-)start Scrum in a major bank, in a couple of investment funds, and in a major fintech, and I would like to […]

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History of Computing

My view on the History of Computing. Mostly from talent scouting, talent management, inspirational and leadership point of view. I do not really have a one favourite individual in the History of Computing, but I have chosen Alan Turing as a title image for now. For his Turing Machine concept, which helps me getting things […]

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Kids and Talent / a continuous research

This is a continuous research topic, which is updated as I advance and find time to update it / last updated 2019-09-02 02:00 CET My interest in computers and software began at about age of 8 or 10—at about the time when Apple II appeared. I wasn’t purely into the technology. I loved people and […]

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Crew Composition vs Detailed Description of Processes

There is something you have probably seen many times, but never really thought of — — in the control room of a famous and critically important international institution there are no individual passwords. And the screens are not logged out when the operator moves away. The controls are vigorous and at the door. Once you […]

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Executive Leadership

True to my conviction that one should not learn business from business people, here’s a book on management written by a psychoanalyst. As you can see, my copy is more battered than a Bible — and I have read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in three languages — and the reason for this is […]

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Learn to Type w/ 10 Fingers

If there is one piece of advise which I would give to every knowledge worker, that would be — learn to type w/ 10 fingers. On all keyboard layouts/in all languages you know. The number of people who cannot type w/ 10 fingers is staggering. This affects their ability to produce quality papers in a […]

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