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Sacred Cows, Scarecrows and the Common Cuckoo

Every now and then I face a familiar situation in companies I engage w/—crew members, who have—accidentally, subconsciously or consciously, unintentionally or intentionally—become Sacred Cows, and as a consequence of this—the breeding ground of personal and organisational deformations.

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Wear those headphones!

“People who know our music, they know who you are. They’ve been in the dark room, they know you better than your best friend, because you don’t sing like that to your best friend, you don’t sing in their ear.” Bono on Bono If you learn business from business, you will not get far. You […]

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History of Computing

My view on the History of Computing. Mostly from talent scouting, talent management, inspirational and leadership point of view. I do not really have a one favourite individual in the History of Computing, but I have chosen Alan Turing as a title image for now. For his Turing Machine concept, which helps me getting things […]

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Crew Composition vs Detailed Description of Processes

There is something you have probably seen many times, but never really thought of — — in the control room of a famous and critically important international institution there are no individual passwords. And the screens are not logged out when the operator moves away. The controls are vigorous and at the door. Once you […]

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Executive Leadership

True to my conviction that one should not learn business from business people, here’s a book on management written by a psychoanalyst. As you can see, my copy is more battered than a Bible — and I have read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in three languages — and the reason for this is […]

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How to cook a crew?

How do you cook a crew? A dish, especially a dish, prepared to surprise and impress, is cooked following a recipe, containing special ingredients, combined in special steps, performed w/ an  extraordinary skill! There is a lot written and said about recruiting, which is the ingredients gathering. But little for after that. The most one […]

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Are you watching closely?

Several days ago a group of Japanese kids entered the Guiness Book of Records. Skipping rope. Two interesting things about it. One of the silver linings in The Prestige was the question: “Are you watching closely?” Watch the video above, if you haven’t already done so. Mesmerising, isn’t it? After you finish wondering if it […]

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I am known for preferring to learn from art than from business. A good story to learn from is Tom Sawyer’s Strafarbeit, where he had to paint the fence. The story is not only a good lesson in converting a punishment into a successful enterprise, which ends up w/ everyone being happier than before, but […]

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Want to learn to manage people? Learn from conductors.

When it comes to managing, people tend to learn from managers. That’s wrong. If one wants to learn to manage people in a context of creativity, one should learn from conductors. A conductor has the same challenges a manager has — selecting, motivating, leading and inspiring. But, while a manager tends to be measured by […]

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