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Crew Composition vs Detailed Description of Processes

There is something you have probably seen many times, but never really thought of — — in the control room of a famous and critically important international institution there are no individual passwords. And the screens are not logged out when the operator moves away. The controls are vigorous and at the door. Once you […]

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Executive Leadership

True to my conviction that one should not learn business from business people, here’s a book on management written by a psychoanalyst. As you can see, my copy is more battered than a Bible — and I have read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in three languages — and the reason for this is […]

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Introduction of Juniors and Trainees into a Company or Crew

Staffing is among the core challenges of every growing company or crew and which approach to take depends on many factors. Do we need help at this moment or do we want to grow the crew “forever”. A crew set up for a robbery follows different rules than setting a crew to survive years and […]

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