Deep Inspection of Quality

Quality is one of my passions.

The quality of a (software) product can be defined, on a most general level, by—

—fitness for purpose / Does it do what it should?

—robustness / Does it work or break?

—competitiveness / Is it better than the alternatives?

Every person, passionate about a subject, will claim that their subjects is everywhere and in everything. I will not be an exception. Quality begins w/ the first flap of the wings of the butterfly and continues into the fabric of the Universe long after the product has been consumed and discarded or the service received.

One aspect of quality is inspecting it—

—before passing it to the customer / Have the requirements been met?

—after receiving it from the supplier / Accept.

—continuously checking it during operation / Keep an eye on it.

I am starting a series of essays on quality—possibly both in English and in German.

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