Software Product Quality

T. E. Shaw has audited, re-designed and designed Software Product Quality Frameworks for a number of international companies: FinTech solutions providers w/ worldwide clientele of retail and central banks, including the World Bank/IFC to one of the Big Four.

Introduction to Software Product Quality

A major misunderstanding related to Software Product Quality is that Quality means “free from defects”. This, however, does not define the ultimate Software Product Quality. It is defined by it’s Fitness for Purpose. A Product that does not fulfil its Purpose in a reasonable manner, is not a Quality Product. Second to Fitness for Purpose Competitiveness.


A Software Product Quality Control Framework encompasses the total process from the first flash of the idea to the winding down of a Software Product at the end of its life.



An Audit of an existing Software Product Quality Framework

  • approximately six weeks
  • approximately 20 hours per week
  • EU travel included
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