Storytelling w/ Scratch

Storytelling w/ Scratch is a program developed by Dahoum, the European Forum for Freedom in Education, the Freie Comenius Schule (in Darmstadt), and Else-Marie Rombouts and the Dr. E. Boekmanschool (in Amsterdam). The program is additionally inspired by 72andSunny (Wendy Richardson and Lee Boulton in Amsterdam) and the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The program has dual focus—

  • unlimited real continuum (read more in my article Kids and Talent), and

  • attractive for girls (so that at least 50% girls participate)

And the following principles—

  • creativity before capabilities of technology

  • storytelling before interactivity

The program runs an 11 weeks pilot at the Freie Comenius Schule in Darmstadt.

After that a (possibly 8 weeks) pilot at the Dr. E. Boekmanschool in Amsterdam will be created.

Each pilot will improve the program.

Eventually the program will be converted as a program to train non-IT teachers, who want to incorporate it in their curriculum.

As of early 2020—both in Germany and in the Netherlands, there is a dire need of proper teaching of IT in the primary schools (ages 8-12).

For more information write to or call +49 151 5 111 26 31.

I have been exploring the topic of kids and talent for decades.

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